AliZcee Virtual Secretary / Assistant

Similar to an in-office secretary but more cost effective due to not having to worry about employing extra staff, paying holiday and sick pay, cost of office space and equipment.


A business may not need a full-time secretarial / admin service but require an extra hand to assist with one-off projects or assistance a couple hours per week – then the answer is a virtual service







My name is Lauren Carriero, I have a wide range of experience having worked in the secretarial / admin field for over 20 years. The home office is equipped to handle any task. Over the years I have learnt that for a company to be effective everyone has to work as a team to achieve the desired outcome, I will work alongside your business in order to get a thorough understanding of what is expected and required of me. My experience, reliability, fast, efficient service will ensure that your business is provided with quality work each and every time. I hold a BSc Honours Degree in Biomedical Science along with my secretarial experience therefore I am able to offer any service that goes with the Biomedical Science side of a business for example scientific report writing, dissertation, typing of final projects, etc. I have access to a qualified designer therefore I am also able to offer the facility of CV design, logo design and any other design work.


Benefits of a Virtual Secretary / Assistant
Services Provided