AliZcee Virtual Secretary / Assistant


1.      Save money – only pay for the hours worked – you don’t have to pay for time spent on personal calls, personal emails, lunchtime, breaks or idle time.


2.      Free up time – delegate administration work freeing up time for you to concentrate on your business activities, allowing you to maintain and extend your current client base, business leads and manage your business growth.


3.      Virtual assistants are self employed – so you can eliminate the cost of National Insurance contributions, employment benefits, holiday pay, sick pay, pension – this will save money which can be reinvested into your company.


4.      Virtual assistant versus hiring a temp – no agency fees, recruitment and training fees, minimum hours, office space, paying for idle time during the day. By using the same virtual assistant you do not have to retrain as you would by using different temporary staff . If you have full time administration staff the use of a virtual assistant to replace these staff during holiday leave, sickness and even maternity cover can prove invaluable.


5.      Virtual assistants understand that a client’s business is confidential therefore we would be happy to sign confidentiality agreements if required.


6.      Quick response – work when you need us – hours suit you. Virtual assistants work around the client as and when the client requires them to work, therefore we do not work normal office hours, we are flexible , and work weekends if required. For international clients we can work around their time zones, they can set a task before they leave for the day and know it will be turned around for them when they return to work the next day. An emergency quick turnaround period is also offered to clients in the UK therefore if a client requires something to be on his desk first thing in the morning this can be achieved.


7.      Never spend any more time taking home that extra administration work employ a virtual assistant and free up your home time to spend with your family and enjoy your interests – rebalance your work / life commitments.


8.      As virtual assistants work remotely from their own fully equipped office – there is little distraction and an environment which allows more focus on the task resulting in faster completion times, as you only pay for the time spend on the task this will result in a considerable amount of money being saved.


Benefits of a Virtual Secretary / Assistant
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