AliZcee Virtual Secretary / Assistant

“I have worked with Lauren Carriero for more than a decade and in that time have found her to be an extremely intuitive, high professional and enormously valuable asset for Apex Training and Development. Throughout our association with Lauren Carriero, Lauren has worked both as a member of staff and as a contractor. In both capacities Lauren has fulfilled her duties diligently and effectively and has provided us with an on demand type of service which has been incredibly valuable to this business. We look forward to working with Lauren for many years to come.”


Justin Skelton

Managing Director

Apex Training & Development





“Lauren is the most remarkable asset to have on board as a remote team member. Through using her services we have been able to sped up our internal processes and make the most of our team of regional account managers through her dictation services. Her accuracy is high, her speed is remarkable, and her willingness to drop it all and produce stuff at tight deadlines means we regard her as crucial to our team.  Personally I like her approachability and the sense that she clearly enjoys helping other people get things done. I can really recommend her services to anyone who needs flexible support without the outlay of getting more permanent staff.”

Gavin Presman


Apex Training and Development



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